2024 Targhee Music Camp Instructor Bios

Joe Craven – “Creativity” Class


This class is open to all instruments and suits advanced beginners to thriving intermediates to advanced players open to what they haven’t experienced. The class has been called “pursuits of possibilities” and it truly is. One problem is that words don’t do much justice to what this could mean and a class description in this setting is a bit like metaphors for describing what one sees in the clouds. What we do know is that all  musicians beginning to advanced that have taken this class reported that their music and lives soared by working with Joe. He can take your music to the next level! Oh, and Fun/Music/Joe go together in a life enhancing recipe that will give you a new perspective on music. 

This year Joe is offering a creativity buffet that will help you re-imagine a tune or song, lubricate your creative juices (or help you discover them), make improvisation a tool for freedom and improvement, and help you learn to make your instrument or voice say a bunch without playing a bunch. Joe will get you thinking and feeling music-making in a new way in this fast paced, jam driven class.