How to register for Targhee Music Camp (Pay by Check)

Registration for the 16th Targhee Music Camp taking place August 5-8, 2024 is officially open. We look forward to seeing our campers this Summer.

  1. Fill out the registration form on this page, click register.
  2. CHECK YOUR EMAIL (and your junk/spam mailbox). You should receive a confirmation email with the details of your registration.
  3. Within 24-48 hours of registration you will receive an email invoice from the Targhee Music Foundation as your registration is processed by a real human. You will then be able to send in a check.
  4. If you would like to purchase lodging, meal plan or camping, please purchase (after you have successfully registered) from the Grand Targhee Resort.


Send a check to "Targhee Music Foundation":
Targhee Music Foundation
P.O.Box 1013
Driggs, Idaho 83422

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