Natalie Padilla

Natalie Padilla – Guitar

Natalie is a two time national fiddle champion (1994 and 2015), has won the Rockygrass Fiddle Contest in 2015, and is the current Kentucky State Fiddle Champion (2022). In addition to being an award winning, in demand performer and teacher in many folk genres and on various instruments, Natalie is an accomplished and established classical violinist, holding a bachelor of music from the University of Northern Colorado. She has previously released two full length albums of original music, Paths & Places (2017) and Fireweed (2019). She is a founding member of Colorado bluegrass band Masontown, with three recordings, Masontown EP (2015), In This Time (2017) and Age (2020). Her more traditional fiddle playing can be found on Fiddle & Flute (2011), a traditional Irish music collaboration with Blayne Chastain and Peter Romero, and recently Hell Broke Loose (2023), an Oldtime fiddle album with Nashville natives Casey Campbell and Tyler Andal. She can be found playing regularly as the newest member of Vermont based band, Low Lily. Her newest collaboration with Quinn Bachand (of Kittle & Co.), Montana Wildflower (2023) features Natalie’s respected tune writing, this time in a modern celtic and oldtime setting.